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 Post subject: PSP Tutorials - Animated Ghost
PostPosted: Sat Sep 26, 2009 6:18 pm 
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This tutorial was created by Shezzy© exclusively for SisterzPSPTreasures. (Any similarities to any other tutorials are purely coincidental and unintentional). You may save or print the tutorial for your personal use only. It is not to be sent through email nor printed for any groups/forums/websites. This tutorial may not be downloaded on to a CD. You may not sell this tutorial. and it may NOT be displayed ANYWHERE except in SisterzPSPTreasures Forum site . The image you create by following this tutorial belongs to you and you may do whatever you want with it. All SisterzPSPTreasures TOU's apply.

Thank you & Have fun!

For this tutorial you will need to have basic knowledge of Paint Shop Pro. (My illustrations and instructions are written using version 7, but you should be able to comprehend with any version).


Open up a new transparent 250 X 250 Canvas.

Select your Picture Tube icon: Image
Select Clouds with these settings:

Click on your canvas until you have the shape you want. Here's an example:

For touch ups (adding a tail to the ghost, or a pointy head and/or arms), Select your Retouch Icon: Image
Select Push with these settings:

With your Push tool, pull out or push in where you wish to get your ghost shape. Here's an example:

If you wish to give the ghost a face, draw oblong circles for the eyes and mouth with a gray color:

Now you'll want to have some transparencies to your ghost. With your layer pallette showing and to the right side of the eyeglasses,
it will show you the opacity being 100%. Move the up/down arrows over until you reach 80%. See illustration:

It would now look similar to this:

Since there are smudges and streaks showing on your ghost after you used the push tool, we'll blur those so they aren't so visible.
Click on 'Effects', 'Blur', 'Gaussian Blur' using these settings:

Now we're ready to copy this and paste it into Animation Shop. In your Paint Program, Click on your Ghost, then click 'Edit', then 'Copy'.
In your Animation Shop, click 'Edit', then click ' a New Animation'.

To give your ghost some room to "wave", open up a new Transparent 250 X 250 Canvas in Animation Shop. Click on your ghost. Click Edit, then 'Copy'.
Now click on your transparent canvas to activate that. Click 'Edit', then click 'Paste....into Selected Frame'. Now click to place your ghost where you wish on your canvas.

In Animation Shop, you don't need the original ghost, so you can delete that out of there. You should now only have the ghost that is on the 250 X 250 transparent canvas.

It's now time to make our ghost move. Click on 'Effects', then click on 'Insert Image Effects'. See illustration:

Now select 'Underwater'. Use these settings:

Now click on "Customize" and use these settings (or play around with it until you get the settings you choose):

After you get your settings the way you wish in customize, Click OK, then Click OK in your Insert Image Effects screen.

You should have 13 frames. We were wanting only 12, so delete Image THE LAST FRAME (frame #13):

Now you should have 12 frames that have a speed of 11. You may change the speed if you wish, but for this tutorial, we'll leave it as it is.

If you wanted to save your ghost right now, it wouldn't work, since Animation Shop likes to fill in everything that is 'see through' (transparent), so we'll need to add the ghost to your tag(s) now.

Open your tag or make up one to open in Animation Shop. Make sure it is at least 250 X 250. (If it's smaller, you'll need to resize your ghost to fit.)
You may only have 1 frame for your tag, so we'll need to add 11 more frames to the original frame to make 12 total frames. Click on your tag, then click on the 'Copy' icon (above). Then click on the 'Paste...after Selected Frame' icon (above) 11 times. See illustration:

Now you should have 12 frames. To find out in a glance, look at the lower right hand corner of your screen. It should read like this:

Click on the ghost frames (it should still have 12 frames) to activate. click on 'Edit', then 'Select All'. Now click on the 'Copy' icon: Image
Now click on your tag frames (it should also still have 12 frames) to activate. Click on 'Edit', then 'Select All'. Now click on the 'Paste...Into Selected Frames' icon: Image
Once you have the ghost exactly where you want, click to place.

Now you are finished! Save as a gif!

**Note: If you'd like to save your Ghost for more tags in the future, you'll need to export your frames to your Paint Program.
To export your frames; select your Arrow icon in Animation Shop. Touch anywhere on your ghost to activate the frame. Click 'Edit', then click 'Select All'. Now RIGHT CLICK anywhere on your frames and select 'Export frames to Paint Shop Pro'. In your Paint program, duplicate (Ctrl D) and save the duplicate as a PSP Image.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! :)


~ Tutorial created on 09/26/09 ~

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